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May. 11th, 2009

Title: Breath (1/10)

Pairing(s): Gary/Mark, Jason/Howard, Mark/Robbie, Gary/Robbie and various others. Mostly the first two.

Rating: Will be NC-17, but PG-13 for now.

Chapter Title: Emma And Robbie

Words: 1,209

Summary: Very AU. Set in the 19th century, how does the young, upper class, skeptic, gentleman, Gary Barlow, cope as he experiences the power of spirits firsthand?

 Author’s Note: First ever (posted) Take That fic. It would be helpful if comments were constructive.


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So, I've had this weird Russell/Mark/Ed thing buzzing around my head for some time and in January, I finally got around to writing part of it. I have to say, I'm relatively satisfied with what I've written, more so than with the Damon/Alex I wrote on New Year's Day, and I know exactly what to write next, but for some reason I find myself with a total inability to write it. It's rather bizarre.

I'm thinking that perhaps I should town it down to a PG-13, perhaps, then maybe it would find it's way onto that bloody Word Document, but considering the whole fic is centered around the sex, it'd be rather difficult...

Whilst I'm on the subject of Mock The Week slashiness, I do find that there is plenty of strange Russell/Mark interaction during the show, such as them finding the need to stroke each others' faces, prompting the Russell quotation: "Ooh. Your hands are soft." Mark's such a doll, isn't he?

I think the issue is that I am not all that experienced at writing slash. Reading, I know what's good, what's bollocks and what's absolutely awe inspiring, but I haven't the foggiest writing. It's a matter of guessing for feel really. I remember some initial Frerard that went rather badly right now...

So, I'm hoping I'll have the will power to write the porn soon and finish the bloody thing before it drives me round the bend. Plus, I should definitely write more Russell/Mark. My only issue here is... Who the hell is on top? They're both to passive and innocent!

Blur Fanfiction?

Well, I've had this silly Blur fanfic thing in my head all day and it really won't go away. I'm going to have to write its crappiness down and maybe go back to it later. Nah, I'm not talking about the half-finished, perverted, lesbian one and I feel like such a teenie bopper for even thinking about writing a "he's the Dad I never knew about" fic.

See. Plot bunnies made me feel juvenille.


If in doubt...Poke it!


I saw my cousins today! (Well, Will and Susie anyway.) Will's up at Salford uni right now I think. He's going to be a pilot in the RAF. I hope he stays safe, none of that "friendly fire" malarky. Susie was wearing a tartan dress! A TARTAN DRESS! Fancy that... Anyway, I'm on a caffine high and I've got to do something to keep me occupied, so this is as good as anything. I mean, I can ramble on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about almost nothing. I think that's enough of that though, so byes!